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Whether it is through our time or resources, we cherish our local community and are committed to staying active and giving back. 

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Eric Via plays a pivotal role as a member of the executive committee for the board of directors at Wilson Arts. Additionally, Via Marketing proudly serves as a Corporate Sustainer Arts Partner, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the arts. As part of their ongoing involvement, Via Marketing generously offers videography and editing services to help promote various artistic events within the community.


The overarching mission of Wilson Arts is to enhance the quality of life for all residents by serving as a central hub for artistic experiences that both enrich and educate the citizens of Wilson County and beyond, while providing entertainment that resonates with the community.

Gig360 Young Professionals is a vibrant community of like-minded young professionals dedicated to enhancing Wilson County's vitality. Kendra, a key member of the leadership team, takes charge of external communications. She excels in designing eye-catching flyers, crafting engaging social media posts, capturing memorable event photographs, and actively participating in the planning of community events. These initiatives serve to raise awareness about Gig360 and generate funds to support other non-profit organizations in the community.

Eric, a dedicated and passionate advocate for community betterment, is also an esteemed member of Gig360 Young Professionals. Together, Kendra, Eric, and their fellow members share a common commitment: to sustain the Whirligig Park, foster valuable networking opportunities for young professionals, and cultivate a vibrant culture of youthful living within Wilson County. Notably, Via Marketing, a prominent member of the business community, has further demonstrated its commitment to community engagement by sponsoring events hosted by Gig360. Through their collective efforts, Gig360 continues to make a positive impact on the community, creating a brighter future for all.

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Kendra holds a position on the board of directors for the Barton College/Wilson Symphony Orchestra, where she actively contributes to the orchestra's success. As a valuable member of the event planning committee, Kendra plays an integral role in coordinating and organizing the orchestra's various events held throughout the year.

Via Marketing proudly stands as a "Sonata" level member, demonstrating their strong commitment to supporting the orchestra's endeavors. 

The orchestra itself provides an exceptional opportunity for members of both the College and Wilson communities to come together, uniting their musical talents and gifts in the study and performance of symphonic music. This harmonious collaboration fosters a vibrant cultural exchange and enriches the cultural fabric of the entire community.

Kendra Via is a distinguished alumna of the Wilson Leadership Institute, having successfully completed Cohort V in October 2023. The Wilson Leadership Institute is a specialized program meticulously designed to identify, train, and empower individuals with a profound interest in assuming representative leadership roles within Wilson.

This rigorous 8-month course in applied leadership is tailored to instruct those who exhibit proven leadership potential, preparing them for highly visible and impactful public service leadership opportunities within the community. Participants in the Wilson Leadership Institute receive practical and real-world training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the discipline of public service leadership.

One of the hallmarks of this program is its emphasis on teamwork, where participants collaborate to address pressing community needs. The Wilson Leadership Institute is highly selective, with only individuals who have clearly demonstrated leadership potential and a genuine passion for serving Wilson being accepted into the program. Kendra's completion of the institute is a testament to her commitment to the betterment of the Wilson community and her dedication to effective leadership.

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Via Marketing is an active member of the chamber of commerce and has consistently shown a commitment to community engagement. They have demonstrated their dedication by sponsoring notable events, including the Women's Leadership Conference presented by Via Marketing, which took place in Fall 2023.

The chamber of commerce plays a vital role in supporting and advancing the interests of the greater Wilson business community. It accomplishes this by providing a multitude of valuable services to its members, which include networking opportunities, effective advocacy, impactful marketing support, and essential educational resources. Via Marketing's participation in these endeavors aligns perfectly with their mission to enhance the business landscape in Wilson County and contribute to the overall growth and success of the community.

Kendra and Eric are active and dedicated members of the First Presbyterian Church in Wilson, NC, where they are actively involved in various capacities. Eric serves as a deacon within the church, providing valuable leadership and support.

First Presbyterian Church of Wilson is steadfast in its mission, which revolves around glorifying God through their faith in Jesus Christ and guided by the presence of His Spirit. This mission extends to reaching out to their neighbors, forging deeper connections within the community, and nurturing growth as a close-knit community of faith.

Kendra's role on the engagement committee is instrumental in realizing this mission, as she actively contributes to creating meaningful connections and fostering a strong sense of belonging within the congregation. Together, Kendra and Eric, alongside their fellow church members, work diligently to uphold the church's mission, creating an environment where faith thrives and connections deepen among the entire congregation.

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Kendra is an active member of the Junior Women's Club of Wilson, a community organization dedicated to making a positive impact. In 2023, the Junior Women's Club of Wilson achieved a significant milestone by making a generous contribution to Y-GIG, a move that greatly expanded opportunities for middle school-aged youth to participate in their programs.

This achievement reflects the club's unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of young individuals in the community. Moving forward, they aspire to build on this impact by wholeheartedly embracing their mission, which succinctly states: "Our youth, Our future." Through this mission, they aim to continue their dedicated efforts in supporting and nurturing the youth of Wilson, recognizing them as the cornerstone of the community's future success.

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